The construction of a Centralized system for monitoring weather conditions and video surveillance has been completed

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On 17.11.2023, the work on the implementation of the public procurement contract with the selected contractor with the subject "Construction of a Centralized System for Monitoring Weather Conditions and Video Surveillance" was accepted in connection with project No. BG14MFOP001-4.103-0005 "Increasing awareness and improving of the security and safety of fishermen in Shabla Municipality", financed by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Program 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Fund. The built Centralized System was accepted after conducting 72-hour tests under operational conditions. After the tests, she was accepted with a handover protocol. The system provides an opportunity to visualize in real time data and information about the state of the meteorological situation for the water area off the coast of Shabla municipality, with the preventive aim of ensuring the safety of fishermen, tourists and those practicing sea sports.



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