Who are we?

Karon Limen Municipal Foundation is dedicated to the implementation of socially useful initiatives aimed at the sustainable development of the municipality of Shabla and the surrounding regions. The organization strives for the affirmation of spiritual values and the promotion of policies at the national, European, international, regional and local level, which contribute to the development of civil society, healthcare, education, science, culture, tourism, technology and sports.

In addition, the Foundation actively supports the protection of human rights and provides support for the social integration of disadvantaged persons, while at the same time it is committed to the protection of the environment. It plays a key role in creating favorable conditions for a sustainable and harmonious society.

Main goals of the foundation


the development of natural-scientific, technical, creative, cultural-historical, research, inventive and other innovative activities, as well as supports the construction and modernization of the material base for carrying out these activities.


the introduction of innovations in micro, small and medium-sized businesses. It supports and supports the development of entrepreneurship in all its forms on the territory of the municipality and the region.


and conducts in partnership with Shabla Municipality public campaigns in Bulgaria and abroad, with the aim of effective exchange and transfer of good practices for sustainable development and tourism.


for the development of Shabla Municipality by helping to develop various forms of tourism - marine, ecological, health, cultural-historical, rural, hunting and fishing, sports, adventure and hobby tourism.


for the development and affirmation of spiritual values, civil society, healthcare, education, science, culture, tourism, technology and sports.


national and European self-awareness through the preservation and promotion of the cultural-historical heritage, the environment and the authenticity of the Bulgarian spirit, language and culture.

About the weather system:

The Shabla municipality's centralized weather monitoring and video surveillance system provides numerous benefits that contribute to improving public safety and satisfaction with marine experiences. One of the key advantages is the ability to visualize real-time data that provides reliable information about the current weather conditions off the coast of the municipality.

The system significantly increases the safety of fishermen, tourists and lovers of sea sports by providing them with up-to-date and accurate information about the marine situation. Technological progress not only protects against unexpected climate changes, but also improves the general security in the water area in front of Shabla. This system not only serves as a warning, but also provides a unique opportunity to improve the quality of marine experiences, ensuring comfort and safety for all who enjoy the sea in this area.

In addition, the centralized system plays an essential role in the development of the tourism potential of the district, providing attractive opportunities for tourists and enriching their experience. By organizing various events and providing consultations, the system stimulates tourist activity and contributes to the promotion of the municipality as a safe and attractive maritime destination.

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