- Durankulak

A small village and nature reserve on the Black Sea in Northeastern Bulgaria. Known for its rich nature and important role for bird migration. The beach is famous for its waterfowl and archaeological finds. One of the largest lakes in Bulgaria is located here, attracting nature and bird lovers.

- Krapets

Located on the northern coast of the Black Sea in Bulgaria, it is an attractive seaside destination known for its beaches and crystal clear waters. This resort offers a combination of natural beauty, traditional atmosphere and water sports opportunities, making it a popular place for rest and relaxation.

- SO Kariya

The settlement "Karia" is located in North-Eastern Bulgaria and is a vast area with rich biological diversity. This region is home to various species of plants and animals, including rare and protected ones. It plays a key role in preserving the ecosystem and is suitable for educational and scientific activities as well as nature lovers.


- Tyulenovo

Tyulenovo, located on the Black Sea coast in northeastern Bulgaria, is an attractive village known for its beautiful rock formations. This coast is popular with nature lovers and photographers, providing unique opportunities to observe marine fauna and beautiful seascapes.


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